Interactive 360° Live Streaming Robot

Self Navigating Autonomous 360° Live Streaming Robot

Gitex 2019

FinCloud developed the Interactive Live Streaming Robot in close collaboration with Etisalat, Dimalog, and Finwe. Robot is based on Omron LD -platform and it was equipped with high speed 5G wireless communication. We developed a custom 360° video streaming solution with secure mobile player to view the content. The robot is also capable of capturing 360° thermal images that can be overlaid with normal images to reveal for example potential fire hazards in the environment.

FinCloud Ltd. Interactive Autonomous 360° Live Streaming Robot

Interactive Autonomous 360° Live Steraming Robot :

  • Live 360° remote view
  • High security
  • Versatile self-navigating robot
  • Suitable for assistance, security, service and maintenance
  • Automatic person identification and face blurring
  • 360° Thermal imaging
  • Indoor positioning
  • Asset management
  • Video analytics

5G 360° Live View Robot with Telia to Helsinki Airport

On 2018 FinCloud & Telia started to develop a 360° Video Live Streaming solution for autonomous robot in collaboration with Finavia, Nokia, Finwe and DimalogGoal was to explore and monitor how 5G and robotics could bring new kinds of experiences to the passengers. The 5G robot operates in the non-Schengen area of T2 terminal. Telia and Finavia will study how the passengers and the airport personnel react and interact with an autonomous robot carrying out service tasks.

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FinCloud Ltd. Interactive Autonomous 360° Live Streaming Robot

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